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At KingNAMS we provide all the "tech" you need to start and run a successful, growing, compliant clinic.

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Our Specialty

Built for Chiropractic Clinics

We have years of experience working with the solutions you touch every single day. From Platinum to ChiroHD, Adjusting Rooms to Servers, and Email to X-Ray we have worked with these solutions day in and day out and are intimately familiar with how to support them

Our Approach

Waiting For Things To Break Doesn't Make Sense!

Our approach to IT is not unlike the chiropractic approach to health. We run preventative maintenance on your systems. We monitor them 24/7 and can often fix things before you even know there was a problem. The old method of waiting for something to completely break before you get an IT professional involved creates un-necessary downtime and STRESS on you as a business owner.

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