Managed Surveillance

Protect Your Business with State of the Art Video Surveillance

KingNAMS manages your video surveillance system so you know you’ll have the video footage you need, when you need it. Camera systems help your business in many ways

  • Crime prevention and deterrent
  • Employee safety
  • Insurance claims
  • Employee training
  • Video doorbells and intercom
  • Package delivery verification

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Managed Surveillance.

At KingNAMS we fully stand by any system we install. This means we won't just install a system and walk away leaving you to deal with it. For a flat per/camera monthly fee, you get unlimited support and training on your camera system. We do regular checks not just to make sure the system is up, but that it's recording properly, that the hard drives it is recording to are in good health, and that the system can be viewed remotely on your phone/tablet/computer.

We have two managed surveillance plans to choose from. The "Knight" plan provides unlimited support and system checks for a system we install or one you already have. If a camera or DVR/NVR needs replacing, we will provide a quote for that service. The "Duke" plan provides unlimited support and proactive camera and DVR/NVR replacement so that your system remains under warranty at all times. You essentially get a brand new system every 3 years! Many customers enroll in the Duke plan to replace an old, out of date system for a flat monthly fee rather than having to spend $1,000s to replace everything at once.

We install and support both IP and High Definition Coax cameras. From a small 4 camera system in a retail environment to a distributed 50+ camera system for a school campus, we can provide the right solution for your exact needs!